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Our Nucs consists of:

Over winter Queen & 5 deep frames of:

2 deep frames of current queen brood

2 deep frames of honey/pollen/brood for expansion.

1 deep frame of foundation

Around 3lb of bees

Cost for one 9 5/8 Nuc $185.00

We are not set up with Pay Pal. 

Please call or email us to buy Nucs & Honey.


If you live far we will try to meet you along the way.

We also have Cardboard Nucs


Cardboard Nucs

(9 5/8) waxed cardboard Nuc for sale for $6.00

Call for directions and pickup arrangements 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

WE chosses Nucs over packages......Why???

Our nucs are splits (also called divides or increase) made from established colonies.  Four combs from an existing colony are removed from the original hive and one frame of foundation are placed in a cardboard nuc box with a lid for transport, and the queen is from that hive and is a proven layer.  The nuc will build up quickly if fed, and is less vulnerable to starving, absconding, or robbing than a package. 

Bees are amazing!

Queen Cell


This is one of the Queens I raised last year.

Worker bringing in pollen


A little fact about Pollen: Worker bees can carry 16mg (8mg x 2 pollen baskets on their legs)

Beautiful Pattern of Brood


Can you find the QUEEN?